Monday, December 31, 2012

Diane Schmitt - December 9,1932 - December 30, 2012

I know that I am delinquent on my hunting and fishing reports, but I must pause to pay a little tribute


My Mom introduced me to fishing and is as much responsible for instilling my love for this fantastic pastime for myself and my children as anyone or anything. Her gentle, intelligent spirit was often so much on display on those many occasions that we enjoyed relaxed conversation about things that really mattered and cast our lines in the quiet beauty of a day on the water.

Mom finally got spooled today after a somewhat brutal battle with pancreatitis. Hers was a life that was otherwise a model of active good health and service to her community; the Ocean Institute of Dana Point; St. Edward's Church, and all of the children and grandchildren to whom she demonstrated such love and virtue. She made innumerable friends and always welcomed strangers and loved ones alike with consistent acts of kindness.

Time is the stream that we all go fishing in and Diane had 80 good years - or, as my wife Wendy put it - 80 years of being good. She went out surrounded by her family and we have little doubt that she knew how much all would miss her good company and her constant example of true Christianity. We will always remember sharing nature and the many opportunities to experience the particular joy that made fishing with Mom such a perpetual series of occasions for hope, as well as serenity - it is the lure of that which is elusive, yet attainable. She is resting now on calm waters and watching over us.

These are the Days.


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